Clockenflap 2019 & 2021


Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival


Hong Kong


Music & Entertainment


Brand Visual Identity, Art Direction, Character Development, Brand Guidelines

Branding Hong Kong’s trademark music festival.

Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival is one of Asia’s biggest and loudest music events - bringing world renowned musicians from around the globe to Asia’s world city.

We were asked by the organisers to partner with their Creative Director, Jay Forster, for their 2019+2021 festivals and help lead the branding art direction as well as execute a variety of multimedia graphics.

A world class line-up that sadly couldn’t take the stage.

Unforunately, the festival had to be cancelled after the escalation of the anti-government protests that shook the city for almost six months.

Clockenflap was due to be held at the Central Harbourfront Event Space in Hong Kong from November 22 to 24 (2019) and despite the organisers best efforts to push ahead, they were halted at the last hurdle.

Due to Covid-19, Clockenflap was set to return in 2021 (utilising the same branding as 2019) but again was cancelled by the Hong Kong Government.

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